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Mark 15

Used in the swing arm of the Davenport.  Actual size of part marked from swing arm position.

Instructions for Setting Up Roll-A-Matic JRS Mark 15

The holder shall be mounted to any swing arm - WITHOUT THE WORK ROTATING.


The slide is brought in so that the cam rise of the marking roll touches the work. (WORK MUST NOT ROTATE).


Apply between .002 and .004 pressure to the cam rise of the roll against the work. Back the holder and roll away, start the machine and bring the roll in contact with the work. At this point, the cam on the roller should engage the work causing the roll to rotate and do imprinting.


If the mark made by the roller is too shallow, turn the small screw (which stops the roll pin) further into the holder, thereby causing the cam to contact with the work closer to the cam's start.



The closer on the cam to the lettering, the less pressure you exert between the roll and the piece you are marking. The shallower the depth, the closer to the beginning of the cam you start, further from the lettering, the more pressure you exert between the roll and the piece you are marking, therefore giving you a deeper impression.

The center screw of the roller should be on the same centerline as the work or can be as much as 1/64" below center, but this is maximum. (Depth of impression will change. It is necessary to go through the first procedure again, for now there will not be enough pressure between the work and cam to start the roll rotating or so much pressure it may cause roll to jam or slip, depending upon which way you rotate.)

All Roll-A-Matic Jrs. use the same patented motion. The exclusive features are self-timing, positive lock, single rotation. The first feature eliminates special cam or timing operations by the use of a cam rise on the rolls.


Marking rolls are changed in seconds.


1. Remove screw 

2. Change roll 

3. Replace screw.


The only simpler tool is the Sossner Mark 25S.

Single rotation. The Jrs. have left and right hand rotation. It requires only the use of a special pawl for clockwise rotation. This is a completely universal tool. Right or left hand rotation and any cross slide, using only a single rotation roll, eliminates highly critical diameter dimensions. The roller controls all linear dimensions. No other adjustments are necessary.


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MARK 15 parts
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