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Roll Type Holders

Sturdily built, inexpensive tools that automatically mark parts during the machine cycle, eliminating a secondary marking operation.


You can change the legend, yet still maintain the quality impression you receive with a solid roll.

Saf-T-Lock® construction ensures that the type will not come out of the roll.


Type can be used with top of character closest to the collet or with bottom of character closest to the collet.


TRUE-SHARP® hardening gives the type longer life and sharper impressions.

Uniform, precisely marked parts result because the holder automatically moves into position for marking the next part.


Custom sizes are available.


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RTH1 (1).jpg

For use with all Juniors

One line of removable type for changeable message.  Marks within .125" of the collet.

Rolls can be removed by one screw.

Sizes available (Jr)




for use with mark 25s.jpg

For use with all Mark 25S

Has a permanent message as part of the roll plus a line of removable type.  

Marking depth is adjustable.  Marks within 11/32" of the collet.

Roll can be removed without any tools.

Sizes available (Sr)





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