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Dependable Sossner Steel Stamps solid engraved marking rolls are the benchmark of the industry. Each Sossner marking roll is precision machined and expertly engraved with deep, distinctive characters to insure you a quality mark on your products.

Remember, always insist on TRUE-SHARP® hardening for extended life, only from your Sossner marking roll.

  • New & Re-engraved Rolls for ALL Sossner and Competitor's Holders

  • Fastest delivery in the industry

We sell more Marking Rolls for our Competitor's Holders than our competitors


Sossner Steel Stamps state-of-the-art design requires no tools to change marking rolls on Mark 25S. Simply put your finger inside the fork and, with finger pressure alone, the shaft can be pushed into a locked position. Our Mark 25S is a totally sealed unit and will not be affected by dirt, chips, or other foreign material.

Many other styles and sizes of roll marking attachments are available for your specific model machine. All of Sossner Steel Stamps Roll-A-Matic Jrs. have the same patented single-rotation, positive-lock, self-timing design. Sossner has the proper roll marking attachment for most automatic screw machines and CNC lathes, including a holder designed for Swiss Machines.

A complete Roll-A-Matic catalog with prints and dimensions is available from your Sossner sales representative.


Remember, when you have a marking question, Sossner is your answer!

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Mark 12

Mark 10

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Mark 14

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Mark 15


Mark 20


Mark 25s

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